Bric Enterprise - Custom Business card software

Bric Enterprise

Custom Business Card management Software

A tailor made software with a mobile and web app that manages business cards effectively through accurate scanning, integrations to popular CRM, Excel CSV and Xls download and easy sharing of contacts within teams.

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Accurate Data capture :

Scanned cards are read through an OCR tool backed by a web dashboard that can be reviewed & edited. This can be handled as an optional service through Bricís back end team.

Integrations :

Syncs data to Google, Contact folders, Salesforce, Zoho, Outlook & options to add other CRM. Exports files as CSV & Xls excel formats.

Web Dashboard :

Access to cards on both Mobile & Web APP. Admin console on web can view & access cards scanned by all users.

Easy Sharing :

Easy scanning of contacts with colleagues Via APP to APP / Email / Phone. The contacts are shared as VCF files which can easily be saved to other contact folders.


Hosting :

The entire software is hosted on your servers or on a private cloud which will be controlled completely at your end.

Data Security :

Since the data is hosted on-premise / private cloud, the data is not exposed outside this server.

User Management :

Add, Modify, Delete users according to requirements and add any no of users at no extra cost.

Other Services :

Optional data transcription services through Bric's back end team, custom build new adaptors & AMC arrangement for updates & maintenance.